woman with a barbell
It is no secret that weight training has many benefits for both men and women. However, there is a common belief that women should not lift heavy weights. This is simply not true! In fact, weight training is extremely important for women of all ages. There are a number of reasons why women should lift weights. First, it helps to build strong bones. Second, it can help with weight loss and management. Third, it can help to reduce the risk of injuries. Finally, it can improve mental health and well-being. If you are a woman who is looking to improve her health and fitness, then you should definitely consider adding weight training to your routine. However, it is important to consult with a professional before starting any new exercise routine. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. A professional trainer or fitness expert can...
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PHF members working out
The fitness industry has seen a boom in the last few years with more and more people wanting to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, the gym environment can sometimes be discouraging, with people feeling like they are not good enough or that they are being judged.A positive gym environment is one that is supportive and encouraging, where people feel like they belong to a community. This type of environment can have a huge impact on your workout, making it more enjoyable and giving you the motivation to keep going.If you are looking for a positive and supportive gym community, then read on to find out more! The Psychology Behind Working Out in a Gym Environment: There is a lot of psychology behind the idea of working out in a gym environment. Studies have found that being surrounded by other people working out can have a positive...
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The MoorePower 7 logo
The MoorePower series of powerlifting events returns to PHF with its seventh installment! MoorePower 7 promises to be the best chapter yet with bigger and better prizes, brand new judging lights and the use of pounds via the Rogue, Deep Dish Plates! Sponsored by MooreMuscle, the MoorePower series is held to the highest of standards to create an event which is fun, fair and filled with positivity. MooreMuscle is the supplement company behind the creation of the powerlifting program at PHF and will be on-hand to help support the event! Athletes from the MooreMuscle Barbell Club will also be competing in the event. Holding more than a dozen World Records, over 30 National Records and over 80 State Records, the athletes from MooreMuscle will be testing their limits and fighting for the top spots in the meet. February 25, 2023 at PHF! No door fee, all fun! Come check it...
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Ashlyn performing a conventional deadlift
What is the superior deadlift form? Which is safer? Which is stronger? Read on and find out ...
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MooreMuscle Barbell Club athletes training
Athletes from the MooreMuscle Barbell Club are setting up for a huge 2023. Bodybuilding legend and MooreMuscle leader, Melvin Alston will be returning to the stage to chase a National Title, two-time National Weightlifting champion Brandon Davis will be furthering his dominance in the masters division of USAW, and the powerlifting team is once again headed to the USPA National and IPL North American Championships. 2022 was a landmark year for The MooreMuscle Barbell Club with over a hundred World, National and State Records being set and 3 National Championship Titles being brought home. The MooreMuscle Barbell Club makes its home at Priority Health and Fitness. With its world class facility and some of the best coaches in all of powerlifting, PHF has become the headquarters for strength in the area.
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