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Priority Health and Fitness is built through personal relationships and the focus that fitness is first based upon proper nutrition. We teach nutrition from the ground up and keep our intro level classes focused on form, confidence building and creating a support system. PHF is built the same as a fitness routine, in a progression. We offer our intro level program which feeds into a more advance level and then branches out into specialty programs like Powerlifting and Hybrid. There are no time limits on how long you can stay in a program, you workout and get in shape where you are comfortable and at a pace that works for you! Our coaches will be there showing you the path and encouraging you and pushing you when you need it. We are hands on, every exercise, every set, every rep. The support you receive at PHF is simply unmatched in the fitness world. From the first time you walk in the door we’ve got your back and you are part of our family. We pride ourselves on every member supporting each other from our newest “off the couch” member to our national level powerlifters. No matter what your goal, PHF has got you covered.


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