About The Gym


Priority Health and Fitness is built through personal relationships and creating the ultimate in positivity. We strive to keep an environment where everyone is cheering for everyone else despite their varying fitness goals. Leave the Silver-Back Gorilla at the door because there is no space for ego or arrogance at PHF. We only allow and invite positivity into our amazing facility. Once you are a member, you are family.

PHF offers a public, open gym environment and private, group training times. If you are here to work your own programming and train with friends, sign up for our Open Gym membership and enjoy the best training equipment available. If you are interested in private, group training, we have got you covered there as well.

Group Training

PHF Group Training is built the same as a fitness routine, in a progression. We offer our intro level program which feeds into a more advance level and then branches out into specialty programs like Powerlifting and Strength and Conditioning. There are no time limits on how long you can stay in a program. Workout and get in shape where you are comfortable and at a pace that works for you! Our coaches will be there showing you the path, encouraging you and pushing you when you need it. We are hands on, every exercise, every set, every rep. The support you receive at PHF is simply unmatched in the fitness world. No matter what your goal, PHF has it all.

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