I began to dance at the earliest age I could. My mother enrolled me in dance and I never looked back. I spent the days and nights of my youth dancing and learning the mechanics of my body to become an even better dancer. I danced my way into college and then on to play Victoria, the White Cat on Broadway for the last 6 years of the musical’s long history. While performing the role as Victoria and being the Captain of the dancers in the musical, I learned how to teach, lead and coach those around me.

After the close of Cats, I opened Arts ‘n Motion Dance Studio and for the past 16 years have directed young dancers through their toddler years all the way through multiple national championships. In 2013, I found Priority Health and Fitness and the owners and members took me in as an immediate friend and part of their family. After some convincing, I agreed to become a Certified Coach and began to teach classes when I’m not at the dance studio! Helping others obtain their fitness goals is incredibly rewarding and I absolutely love being part of PHF!