I have always been active and done my best to stay “healthy” but I didn’t really know how. I started teaching group fitness classes in 2017 and uncovered my passion for coaching. That very quickly developed into wanting to educate myself in all areas of fitness and health. Being raised in the “starving = skinny” generation, “don’t eat after 7pm” and “drink water when you feel hungry” were engrained in my head from an early age. I didn’t know how to fuel my body or how to push myself in the gym. So I started experimenting with my workouts and nutrition, and a switch flipped. It became a competition with myself. How much more weight can I push? What else can I do to get stronger? I became completely addicted. It was incredibly empowering to have the knowledge to alter my body after so many years of struggling. Being a Certified Nutrition Coach and small group training coach has allowed me to share this knowledge with my clients and help them achieve their goals. I continue to jump on any opportunity to continue my education and try something new. Being able to push your limits and challenge yourself is a gift. Your body is incredible, let’s find out what’s it’s truly capable of together.