USPA Meet Recap

USPA Meet recap!!

We have posted pictures and videos on our social media, if you want to relive our adventure with us! Our amazing team went out and did what we love to do, “Lift Heavy Shit”! We learned a lot, met incredible people, made some great new friendships and got to watch some crazy strong athletes!!

Powerlifting is the most supportive and positive environment in fitness. Everyone is cheering for everyone else though they have never met, and are from different places and backgrounds. While everyone wants to go out and compete, it is sportsmanship at its finest. USPA did a fantastic job with the meet, their staff and organization was top notch. Without a doubt, The MooreMuscle Barbell Club has found a new home in the USPA. To say our team worked hard for this would be a drastic understatement. Battling brutal workouts, injuries, recoveries, personal hardships and still coming in every single workout, their results were well deserved. Every member who competed yesterday won 1st place in their class. We also took home a coveted Best Lifter award and broke 40 State and National all-time Powerlifting Records. Three of us qualified for the IPL World Powerlifting Championships and five of us qualified for the U.S. National Powerlifting Championships!! While none of us do this for the stats, that was a pretty awesome day.

Thank you to USPA for putting on a great competition and to all of our family at PHF who came out and screamed their lungs out in support for us!