Understanding PHF

Priority Health and Fitness is not your normal gym. In reality, it’s not really a “gym” at all. We conduct so many tours, we thought it may be easier to get some of the informational stuff out of the way first!

Not a gym.

PHF is a Private, Invite-Only Training Facility. This means you cannot simply walk in, hand over money and sign up. You have to interview with our coaches or our owners to receive an invite to train with us. If this sounds over-the-top, IT IS. Now, let us tell you why.

One of the worst things about a “gym” are the people. Whoops, already offended someone out there reading this. See? That was easy. If you’re easily offended, don’t sign up for a tour. People at a gym are “clicky”, they gossip, they are rude, disrespectful, egotistical, arrogant and are insufferable know-it-alls. We don’t like that and we don’t allow it.

Your tour at PHF is also your interview. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. We are INCREDIBLY protective of the energy we allow in our space. There is NO ROOM for negativity. Everyone at PHF is everyone else’s biggest fan and our members pride themselves on that. We are a family and we are careful on whom we allow to join our family. We want positivity, a willingness to learn and a desire to want to improve. We push each other and hold each other accountable. We don’t allow each other to fall off, nor do we celebrate complacency or mediocrity.

We are not the most expensive place, but we are not the cheapest either.

People hold truer to their goals when they are invested in those goals. Giving things away for cheap or free simply doesn’t work in fitness. Fitness in hard enough as it is. If it’s easy to quit because it was given for free then there is no chance of success. If you are looking for cheap, there are big box gyms all around which will give you loads of equipment and group classes taught by rookies. By all means, sign up there and we wish you all the success.

We teach nutrition.

We don’t simply want you to come workout and then go eat garbage. Sadly to say, that is an actual strategy of some bigger gyms. If they don’t teach nutrition, members have a harder time reaching their goals, keeping them as paying members longer. It’s awful. At PHF, we teach nutrition and how to eat for your goals – fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain (yes, they are different). Our owner at PHF is actually qualified to teach nutrition, no 48 hour nutrition certificates or pyramid scheme diets here.

Off the couch to advanced.

We offer every single level of fitness. If you are off the couch from a long hiatus or have never trained at all, or you are interested in our advanced powerlifting program, we have it. We have an incredible teenage strength program which is extremely popular. We have programs for fat loss, conditioning and strength. We have first timers all the way to nationally ranked powerlifters and state record holders. We are fantastic at this fitness thing.

Poor business strategy.

We are not in this for the money. Poor business strategy. We, the coaches and owners, train at PHF as well so the entire point of PHF is to make it the most amazing place to workout possible. Boasting positive energy, supportive, encouraging environment, knowledgeable coaches and the latest in fitness tools and equipment, we would rather have half the members with twice the quality than twice the money. We are in it for the love of fitness and training.

In closing.

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you, sign up for an appointment and lets take the next step. If you are worried about anything we have said above, there IS a right place for you, but PHF might not be it and we truly wish you all the best.