PHF Updates!

We have had an exciting week at PHF! We finally moved out the old and moved in the new! Our new logo! Cross-branded with our partner MooreMuscle, the new logo represents the evolution of PHF from a bodyweight fitness center to a balanced training facility. It has taken us three and a half years to transform PHF into equal parts weight-loss, strength and conditioning and powerlifting. Our members are in better shape than ever and we have filled our new facility with positivity! As a private, invite-only facility we have been able to manage the energy we allow into our place and it has worked beautifully. No clicks, no gossip, only positivity and progress.

As always with MooreMuscle and PHF, we continue to improve, progress and follow the wants and needs of our members! Because of this, our 30 minute class schedule has gotten a makeover! Our neighbor and partner, Arts ‘n Motion, provides us a beautiful room for our intense blast classes and now those classes will be more focused and specialized than ever! Check the app for the times and who is coaching!