June is Coming! News and Updates!

Good morning PHF! We have another few updates to share with our family!

  1. As you all have probably heard, our amazing Coach Mike has to step away from coaching for a bit due to work and personal obligations. We can’t thank Coach Mike enough for these past three years of friendship, coaching and mentoring of our PHF Family!
  2. To fill the spot of boxing on Specialty Sunday, we will be simply rotating in Strong Nation with Coach Dove and Spinning with Coach Ashley every other week. The app has been updated to reflect those changes so book for your classes now!
  3. Our Summer of Strength camp for ages 12 and up still has a few spots available! This will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the week of June 28th.
  4. MoorePower Chapter 4 is in the planning stages and we will be announcing the date soon. This latest edition will be held in August. We will again be making some small changes to continue to improve the experience for all of our lifters! MoorePower Chapter 4 will also mark the end of our Summer of Strength challenge where the winner will be announced and the trophy presented!
  5. Our “It’s Almost June” Challenge is in full swing to keep pushing those measurements down! June is coming!