News and Updates – Week of April 5

Good morning PHF Fam! We have an awesome week of classes planned and best of all … the sun is starting to come out! Suns out, buns out …. it’s almost June!! In this update we will cover the rules of the two new challenges, the schedule for this week and a few quick updates!

  1. “It’s Almost June” challenge! It’s almost June and it’s time to get to work! Here’s how this will go … If you are interested in joining the measurements challenge, come see Coach Adam THIS WEEK to get your initial measurements completed. You MUST get your measurements completed this week by Coach Adam only. Having the same coach take the measurements will ensure continuity throughout the process. Whomever loses the highest percentage of total inches by the week of June 1st wins the MooreMuscle beach package! The beach package includes a MooreMuscle Beach towel, MooreMuscle flip flops, a MooreMuscle canvas beach tote, sunscreen and a bottle of the award winning fat burner, MooreSkinny! This challenge is absolutely free to enter but you MUST be measured this week!
  2. The “Summer of Strength” challenge! This challenge is all about getting stronger! If you are interested in joining this challenge, you MUST let Coach Adam know THIS WEEK! If you join this challenge, your job this summer is to increase your current total AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! We will take your current total and measure it against your new total, which will be determined on or around the time of MoorePower Chapter 4 in August. Whomever has the highest percentage increase will be crowned the winner and receive an awesome trophy presented at MoorePower Chapter 4! The Summer of Strength challenge is absolutely free but you MUST advise Coach Adam THIS WEEK!
  3. You ARE permitted to compete in both challenges if you choose but you MUST advise Coach Adam.
  4. We will be doing our quarterly sanitizing THIS TUESDAY April 6th. This gym will be closed on Tuesday. While our staff does an AMAZING job cleaning our facility every single day, this extra sanitizing is something we do to help ensure the safety of our members in these scary times. PHF will reopen Wednesday on normal schedule.
  5. The deadlift platforms are built and are being bolted into the floor today and will be ready for use immediately! We are excited to be able to continually improve our equipment and facility to ensure our PHF Family has the opportunity to constantly progress. This change has given us extra floor space and the collab with our Arts ‘n Motion family has given us a larger “Room 1” with more classes and also allowed us to create our new Auxiliary Room! Huge thank you to Melissa and Arts ‘n Motion!