MoorePower Chapter 4

“The Rise of Strength”

MoorePower is back for … Moore! Chapter 4, The Rise of Strength will happen August 21, 2021 at our beautiful Priority Health and Fitness facility! As always, we have upped the game for this meet! Here are some of the changes we have made;

  1. Novice and Elite will be competing on the same day and in the same flights but will be scored based on their entry category. This will allow all athletes to support each other on the same day!
  2. Trophies will be awarded to the highest total in each class (Novice Women, Novice Men, Elite Women, Elite Men), the highest McCulloch Score (accounting for male / female, age and weight) in Novice and Elite and the Best Lifter Award. The Best Lifter Award will be awarded to the athlete who shows intelligence in their weight choices, excellent form, great sportsmanship and an impressive all around meet (successful lifts, score and total). This award will be chosen by the judges.
  3. The equipment for the meet has had a major upgrade! We will be competing on a brand new Rogue Combo Rack, this is the official rack of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). For the Squat, we will be using a brand new Rogue, 32mm Squat Bar. For the Bench Press, we will be using a Bare Steel Rogue Ohio Power Bar and for the Deadlift, we will be using the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar. We will also be using the official IPF 2.5kg collars from Eleiko.

We will continue to take the experience from each Chapter of MoorePower to make the next even better! 40 days and counting.