Upcoming Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition is going to be next Monday evening, July 29th from 6:30 – 8:00! We have heard from our members that it might be time for some good old fashion hard truth and we at PHF are always happy to oblige! For those of you who are saying “I’ve heard the nutrition seminar before, I don’t need to go”. We at PHF urge you to find the closest mirror and ask yourself if you’ve reached your goals. If the answer is no then it most likely has to do with your food and in which case, we will see you next Monday evening. Free to members, $35 for non-members.

1. Priority Health and Fitness, why we were awarded Best Weight Loss Program in Anne Arundel County.

2. What nutrition SHOULD mean to you.

3. Where do you start?

4. Planning for success.

5. Eating your way to your goals.

6. Nutrient breakdown and the importance of water.

7. Your goals and how to reach them.

8. Mental fitness and why you can’t succeed without it.

9. Supplements and where they fit in.

10. Cheat meals, fasting, carb cycling, keto and other nutritional strategies you should and shouldn’t use.