The Legends Wall

The MooreMuscle Barbell Legends wall was written up at PHF about a year ago, but not every member understands its meaning. The workouts written on the wall were all workouts completed at different points over the past twenty years. The extreme weights and volume of those workouts were recorded and now are on the Legends wall for anyone who wishes to attempt. The weights on the left are the men’s weights and the weights on the right are the women’s weights. Once a member completes one of the workouts, they sign their initials and the year completed next to the workout. Last night at PHF, the wall was initialed for the first time.

Emily Douglas Deadlifted 275lbs for an unbroken set of 20 reps. Unbroken means the lifter cannot stop the set or let go of the bar at any point.

This was one of the most impressive things I have seen done in a gym, ever. I have enjoyed a lifetime of fitness and watching a member and a friend complete this workout had me smiling from ear to ear. Emily started at PHF out of shape and coming off the couch. She went through the 1.0 program, the 2.0 program and 18 months ago, started in the barbell program. She is the personification of commitment and sheer will.

Congratulations Emily! We couldn’t possibly be more excited for you!

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