Teen Fit!


We have decided to move forward with our new Teen Fit Classes! Here are the details!

1. Classes will begin Saturday March 3rd and run for four Saturdays in a row.

2. Class time will be 9:30AM and last for 1 hour.

3. The cost will be $40 which covers the entire 4 weeks, all paid upfront through the app. Create an account for your teen on the app and look under the “Courses” section to sign up! (App: “Priority Health and Fitness”)

4. If your teen is already a member of PHF they may attend these classes at no extra charge.

5. Ages 12+

6. During their 4 weeks your teen will be involved in multiple different types of training including, weight training, athletic training, sport specific stretching, Olympic lifting, HIIT, multi-functional training and learn the basics of nutrition.

7. Please note; we will only run the class if we have 10 or more teens committed so reach out to your friends!