Summer Camps at PHF!

Priority Health and Fitness will be holding summer camps this year! We are very excited to introduce our newly developed Summer of Strength program to ages 12 and up!

This program will teach strength movements with the barbell from the ground up, introducing or expanding the athletes current technique. This will allow for safety in their future of training, as well as optimizing potential for strength.

In addition to extensive barbell technique, we will spend focused time on nutrition as it relates to recovery and building strength. One of the main challenges to fitness of any level is understanding nutritional needs. Learning these concepts from an early age can create necessary habits for a lifetime.

Camp time will also be spent on understanding recovery techniques, injury relief, proper stretching, mobility and last but not least, etiquette. Etiquette in regards to other athletes, the gym environment, the equipment and also how it can relate to overall athletic performance.

The Summer of Strength program was developed by Coach Adam Moore who has nearly 40 years experience in sports and fitness. Strength is the basis of all athletic performance, injury prevention and discipline. The Summer of Strength is coming.

(Times and Dates will be announced soon. Each camp will be limited to 12 people to maintain quality of time per athlete.)

MooreMuscle Athlete Tori Paone with photograph from Dr. Jen Hood