Strength Training at PHF

Priority Health and Fitness has always been known for fat loss and life coaching, in fact, we have a wall full of awards that says so! Lately, our little place has gained a new reputation, a reputation for strength.

Yes, PHF has always been home to The MooreMuscle Barbell Club which boasts champion Bodybuilders, Weight-Lifters and Powerlifters, but the latest champions of strength are the PHF members themselves who have started to fall in love with the barbell. Members who have for years only used light fitness bars and dumbbells are learning barbell techniques and are putting up some INCREDIBLE numbers!

From our teenagers to our grandmothers, these numbers are amazing! There is something magic about learning to successfully use a barbell and seeing the difference it can make in your life in terms of functionality and confidence. While we teach a slow, safe method of strength increase at PHF, the PR’s being put up during this past week are more than we could have imagined.

Congratulations to our fantastic members for continuing to push beyond their comfort zone and realize just how amazing they really are.