PHF Reimagined

If you’ve ever been a part of PHF and have since visited our new facility you know a lot has changed. The physical changes are obvious. We have built a top of the line training facility built to expand on the successes of our weight-loss programs and our specialized powerlifting programs. We now boast the best teenage strength training program in the area, hands down, there is no comparison. Our specialized Powerlifting Programs have changed off-the-couch parents to National Level Elite strength athletes and our weight-loss programs are still the award winning caliber they have always been. These are the obvious things.

The aspect of PHF that we are most proud of is not our facility, it is our energy and the protection of that energy. We are a private facility which means we don’t accept a person as a member simply because they are willing to pay. Membership numbers mean NOTHING to us. Positive energy is everything. We pride ourselves on keeping a supportive environment and we make zero compromises in that regard. Everyone at PHF supports everyone else, coaches and members alike. Negative energy, ego, arrogance, know-it-all personalities are never allowed to become members or coaches. At PHF, we all come together for one purpose, to better ourselves. Each members’ goals may be different, but the support from one member to another doesn’t change.

Our family at PHF is fiercely proud of this energy and extremely protective. If you want to be a part of PHF, leave your ego, excuses and bullshit at the door because we don’t have time for it. The greatest power we have as people is to be positive and support each other. We can go nowhere alone.