No excuses!

“I won’t see results quickly”

Quick results are not the same as lasting results. Changing just one small thing from your diet or workout routine might help you get a healthier and lasting result. Do you drink a few glasses of soda a day? Try replacing them with water or flavored water to get help with that craving. Do you sit for 9 hours a day for work, and then go home to sit for the remainder of your evening? Try coming to PHF for a quick hour class to get your blood pumping! The results will come in time, and with patience.

“I’m too old to train and eat well”

There is a great article on the benefits to lifting heavy things, no one is too old to exercise. Depending on your age, mobility, and health, you may have to consult an expert first. There are so many forms of exercise to choose from, ranging from low impact, to high intensity, to purely mobility, all the way to strength training.

“I want to still eat tasty food”

You and me both! But healthy food can be tasty as well. It’s almost too easy to get addicted to the sugars and fats of processed foods. They sit in your cabinet, easy to grab and snack on while you’re working or running out the door. Meal prepping ahead of time is a great way to avoid this, just grab your Tupperware container instead of those chips and you’re good to go. No time for meal prepping throughout the week? There are easy and time friendly recipes out there for avocado pasta, banana walnut pie, pumpkin smoothies… just a google search away!

I don’t have time to train”

There are some studies out there that show we check our smartphones 105 times per day. (Apple recently confirmed that its users alone unlock their phones an average of 80 times per day.) If we have time to check our phones every six minutes, surely we can get up and break a sweat occasionally too, right? It simply means we have to prioritize exercise. When you say you are too busy to exercise, you are really saying, “I don’t put a priority on my health.”