New Here? Read This!

Welcome one and all to the greatest gym in the world! (Smile at the circus reference please 🙂

If you’re new to our website and interested in visiting our gym there are a few things you should know!

First, make an appointment to come talk to us! Since we are a private facility, we are not staffed during the day! Our Open Gym members use an app to access the door during the day giving them 5:00AM – 11:30PM workout times. So if you show up during the day without an appointment, there will be no one to speak with you! You can schedule appointments right here on our site!

Another reason to make an appointment with us is we do not allow membership without first meeting and spending a few minutes with you! PHF is built on positivity. There is no meat market, no egos, no arrogance, only positivity and support for the person next to you. Everyone is fitness is going in the same direction of progression. It doesn’t matter your goal or your experience, support the person next to you. Having this invite system for the past five years has allowed us to build a fitness community like no other you will ever experience.

If you’re one of our many visitors looking to train at our facility for the day or the weekend, reach out on email first and make an appointment to meet with us. We will meet, chat for a few, set you up in our app and you will be good to go. The same rules apply to our visiting athletes, be supportive! Help spot, bar load and encourage. If you are unable to jump into the community, no hard feelings from us! There are other gyms around that offer day passes.

Training at PHF is an experience like no other. We boast world class equipment and the best gym community you will ever find. Come in positive, come in with a smile and lets go to work!

If you’d like to get a better idea of who we are, visit our Instagram page at @phflifestyle !!

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