Intensity and Training Partners

Training intensity is one of the major keys to success in the world of strength, which makes having a good training partner essential. No matter how disciplined an athlete is, the training intensity increases with a good training partner. Reaching potential in a strength sport CANNOT be accomplished alone.

Finding a good training partner can be tricky depending on where you train. If you’re a strength athlete and workout at one of the fitness palace brands, it will be nearly impossible. First step is to change gyms. Find a private gym that focuses on strength and education. Those giant, gleaming fitness palaces get you no where fast. Most of the equipment is purchased from a liability or aesthetic standpoint. You will rarely, if ever find a specialty bar, bands, chains, sleds or even more than one squat rack! Change gyms, step one.

Step two; pay attention to the athletes around you at your new gym. Who has similar training styles, who works hard, who is there when you are, etc. Other factors also come into play that are more personality based. Do they show up when they say they are going to, do they come in with good energy and leave the BS outside of the gym, are they supportive to the people around them? These are things to look out for!

Once you have found that training partner, the energy will increase on it’s own. If you have chosen wisely, you won’t need to do anything extra and the intensity will skyrocket. Push your training partners, make them better. Learn from each other and feed off of each others energy. If you’ve ever reached a plateau in strength, finding a great training partner is one of the ways to break through it.