Fitness is scary

Through 36 years of fitness I have learned fitness is scary for most people. This is Adam and I am one of the coaches at Priority Health and Fitness. I have spent my entire life in a gym and even for me, fitness is scary.

So let’s say you’ve finally decided to get in shape. You’re going to make good on your promise to yourself and get healthier. Lose some weight. Build some muscle. Be more confident. Be happier. Sweet! Most people’s first steps are into what I’d call a fitness palace. A massive building filled with gleaming, fancy equipment and countless employees convincing you that this magical place can turn your life around.

First off, you’re a dollar sign to their commission check to take their enthusiasm with a grain of salt. Secondly, what happens after that first guided day? I’m happy to tell you.

The second day you walk in to a smiling face, gorgeous acres of gym equipment and you stop dead in your tracks. Damnit. What do you DO with all of this amazing equipment? Where do you go? How does it work? What order do you work in? How much weight do you use? How many times (reps and sets) do you do it?

Here’s what happens now. You walk over to a treadmill and climb on because that’s the only thing in this scary place you know how to use. Thirty minutes later you leaving feeling defeated and more intimidated than when you arrived.

Three days later, fitness palace never sees you again. You are left hopeless, knowing you won’t ever be able to do this fitness thing.

On the other hand, maybe you hire a “trainer” (that should be a blog post by itself) and spend more money. Cool. What now do you do about the food you’re shoveling in your mouth? You’re more hungry because you’re working out so now you’re eating more of the same crap you were eating before. You know you should change it but you don’t know how. Welcome google. Oh boy.

Here come the “diets” and how they will change your life. The online “nutrition coaches” who don’t know an apple from a chicken and down the rabbit hole you go.

Fitness is scary but it doesn’t have to be. Priority Health and Fitness was built for normal people, us, you and me. Fitness is more successful in a group with people to relate to and stay accountable to. Fitness is more successful with someone to help guide you on what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Trying to push yourself alone and learn nutrition alone is simply not feasible and is absolutely the wrong way to reach your goals.

Welcome to PHF, your goals are in reach.