Coming Back! Safely ….

PHF! WE. ARE. BACK! … But we need to come back safely. We will be following a specific set of rules as set out below;

  1. Everyone entering PHF (staff, members and guests) will be required to sign our new Communicable Diseases Waiver.
  2. Members and guests will be required to enter through the front door and exit out of the back door. No one will be allowed to exit through the front door.
  3. Staff, members and guests are required to maintain social distancing at all times.
  4. Staff, members and guests are recommended (but not required) to wear masks whenever possible.
  5. Masks while entering and exiting the facility are strongly recommended.
  6. We will not supply community water by the water fountain or the water cooler. Water will be for sale for $1.00 out of the refrigerator via the front desk.
  7. Staff, members and guests are required to clean every piece of equipment they use and touch during their time in the facility.

PHF will continue to be thoroughly cleaned as it has since the construction was completed and we will make every attempt to create the cleanest and safest environment we can.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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