It’s a lifestyle …

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I wanted to share my experience over the past two years at PHF…this is a long read, but hopefully worth the time. I joined at a time in my life when I had had enough of feeling tired and uncomfortable in my own skin; I knew I wasn’t doing anything to put myself first. I also knew until I did something about it, I wasn’t going to be giving the best of me to anything or anyone in my life. My first workout was extremely hard but I survived with encouragement from total strangers who didn’t need to care, but for some reason, they did. They motivated me and every class I grew stronger and more confident in my abilities. Working out became the fun part; and even the food/nutrition wasn’t too hard for me…it was like a game I wanted to win and I did – I lost 40 lbs in less than 6 months and kept it off. I completed 2 cycles of 1.0 and then was coerced😳 into joining 2.0 – it was scary and tough but the feeling of accomplishing things you never dreamt you could do was and still is amazing.

Here’s the hard part…I started to feel so good and so sure I could handle anything that I started having things I hadn’t allowed myself to have (chips & salsa are my weakness). It’s ok to have a cheat meal once in a while; it’s a lifestyle you need to be able to maintain. I have never wavered on my workouts – I feel I give my all 95% of the time, but in the past couple months I’ve started to see measurements I didn’t like and the scale creeping up a few lbs. I am realizing that I let myself get comfortable and by allowing cheat meals to become cheat days, I started feeling tired and uncomfortable (see where I am going with this?). Nutrition is 80% of the battle -working out is the fun, the pain, the stress relief and sometimes brings me to tears (thanks Adam🤬). The reality is – the journey is never over, it is a lifestyle. It’s ok to know your strength and feel good about yourself…it’s what we want – to be happy and healthy. The reality is also knowing that sticking to a routine is a struggle, but one that is totally worth the effort. Don’t let yourself get so comfortable that you lose sight of where you’ve been and how hard you have worked to change yourself inside and out. I’m still learning every day. If I kept your attention this long – thank you; if you are one of my supporters thru this journey (teammates, coaches, family and friends) – thank you and last but not least, if YOU want to give yourself the best gift in life – give PHF a try. You are guaranteed to gain strength, confidence and self worth with the added bonus of new friendships along the way!