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I wanted to share my experience over the past two years at PHF…this is a long read, but hopefully worth the time. I joined at a time in my life when I had had enough of feeling tired and uncomfortable in my own skin; I knew I wasn’t doing anything to put myself first. I also knew until I did something about it, I wasn’t going to be giving the best of me to anything or anyone in my life. My first workout was extremely hard but I survived with encouragement from total strangers who didn’t need to care, but for some reason, they did. They motivated me and every class I grew stronger and more confident in my abilities. Working out became the fun part; and even the food/nutrition wasn’t too hard for me…it was like a game I wanted to win and I did – I lost 40 lbs in less than 6 months and kept it off. I completed 2 cycles of 1.0 and then was coerced😳 into joining 2.0 – it was scary and tough but the feeling of accomplishing things you never dreamt you could do was and still is amazing.

Here’s the hard part…I started to feel so good and so sure I could handle anything that I started having things I hadn’t allowed myself to have (chips & salsa are my weakness). It’s ok to have a cheat meal once in a while; it’s a lifestyle you need to be able to maintain. I have never wavered on my workouts – I feel I give my all 95% of the time, but in the past couple months I’ve started to see measurements I didn’t like and the scale creeping up a few lbs. I am realizing that I let myself get comfortable and by allowing cheat meals to become cheat days, I started feeling tired and uncomfortable (see where I am going with this?). Nutrition is 80% of the battle -working out is the fun, the pain, the stress relief and sometimes brings me to tears (thanks Adam🤬). The reality is – the journey is never over, it is a lifestyle. It’s ok to know your strength and feel good about yourself…it’s what we want – to be happy and healthy. The reality is also knowing that sticking to a routine is a struggle, but one that is totally worth the effort. Don’t let yourself get so comfortable that you lose sight of where you’ve been and how hard you have worked to change yourself inside and out. I’m still learning every day. If I kept your attention this long – thank you; if you are one of my supporters thru this journey (teammates, coaches, family and friends) – thank you and last but not least, if YOU want to give yourself the best gift in life – give PHF a try. You are guaranteed to gain strength, confidence and self worth with the added bonus of new friendships along the way!

It’s a lifestyle …

Kerri Thomas

Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Kerrie Thomas and I’m from Pasadena, Maryland.  I am 53 years old, wife and mother of 22-year old son.  I am a paralegal, working at the same law firm for 32 years. 

What has changed physically and mentally since starting at PHF?  How do you feel? 

I have more energy than ever before, and I sleep better.  A good work out helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep.  I feel happier and more relaxed.  I feel better about my appearance and myself.  It has been a real boost to my confidence and self-esteem.  I am strongerleaner and more physically capable.  

What do you like most about PHF? 

I prefer the group classes.  Some days we do partner work, or rotating stationsas well as individual work. We learn proper form and technique and are offered appropriate levels of difficulty and modifications for our ability level.  They have a consistent goal and progression worked out, while also mixing things up so that classes are varied.  They are sticklers about form, and always around to offer pointers to make sure everything is being done safely.  We are always getting positive feedback on how we are doing.  

Exercise and physical activity can be enjoyable. It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engage in activities that make you happy. Physical activity can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social setting.  I love my workout group and have made many new friends.  

A good gym will fit your own unique personality and motivate you to come back and exercise on a regular basis.  PHF does this!  

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining? 

I wanted to get healthy, build my muscles and lose weight.  I am accomplishing all three. I can run without getting winded right away and I can lift more weight than I thought I could.  I can really tell a difference in my body. My legs are stronger and more muscular along with my arms. I am more active at home.  

What advice would you give someone on the fence about joining PHF?

If you’re thinking about it, DO ITDon’t waste another day!  You won’t regret it!  If you stick with it and learn to view exercise as an essential part of your day, like brushing your teeth or going to work, it will become easier to stick with.  The program focuses on improving physical function, strength, and endurance in addition to changing physical appearance.  

Accomplishing All Three

After Back

I began at Priority in October 2017. This is not a typical gym. If you want to really change how you eat, how you exercise, how you think about your health, and work with others who care about the work that they are doing, then you should join. Workouts range from HIIT style, cross-fit, weight lifting, yoga, spin, Zumba, and more to come. In 6 months I have lost 25 pounds, my energy is back to where it was when I was 17, my mood and confidence is better than ever. One of the most important aspects is the nutritional support to understand how your relationship with food guides how you feel and look.

The gym is intimate and close knit. If you want to make a drastic change in your life, then Priority Health and Fitness may be the right fit for you.

                                                                                                    -Thom Harig

Not a Typical Gym …


I just completed my second cycle at PHF and happy to say that my chronic neck and shoulder pain is 90% gone, my blood pressure is normal and I have more energy than I’ve had in years! I am doing workouts that I never thought possible The coaches are supportive and encouraging, yet challenge you to work hard. Definitely signing up for a third cycle!

                     -Stephanie Hancock

What a Change!

Thank you Priority Fitness for changing my life! I loved working out with a team that really pushed me to max out my potential! All the nutritional information and meal planning was essential to seeing the results I was looking for. I feel great inside and out! Thank you to the best, motivating coaches around! Priority Fitness is the complete package in fitness training!!       -Mike Gourley

Changed my life!

It’s amazing to see how far I have come since starting my journey. I have always struggled with my weight so my original goal was set by a number on the scale. Today it’s so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle, I’ve gained new friendships and a confidence in myself. It never gets easier but the goals change. I have to accountable to myself to see how far I can go and what results I will see.        -Emily Douglas


How far I’ve come …

What a difference a year can make…I have changed my physical appearance; I am stronger, healthier and SO much happier. More importantly I was given the encouragement and inspiration by all of my amazing coaches and so many new friends that keep pushing me every day and for that I am forever thankful!! The journey is never over and I look forward to the next year with all of you beasts!!    -Becky Marler

What a difference a year can make …

A year ago today I challenged myself to push myself harder to get where I wanted to be physically and mentally! The friends I’ve met along the way have made a world of difference. Thank God for my hydration buddies. It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the next year. Thanks to all the PHF coaches and my PHF friends! It’s been a great year !     -Kathleen Nelson

New challenges, new friends, new me …