Nutrition Confusion


Nutrition Confusion

Overeating, undereating, not eating the right foods, not eating at the right times, counting macros, keto, too many carbs, not enough fat, how much sodium?, how much protein?, … this sound familiar? Welcome to the wonderful world of over-coaching in fitness.

On our parent site,, we often discuss over-coaching from a training standpoint but it is also very prevalent in regards to nutrition. One of two things usually happen, either the coach wants to show off and sound more educated than they are, or they simply want to information dump everything they have ever learned about nutrition in your lap. Both are wrong.

As you know, we are a private gym who has won multiple awards for our weight-loss programs and coaches and we have earned those accolades for a reason, we do NOT over-coach. Part of the turn off to fitness and fitness programs is the member simply not knowing which way is up in terms of training and nutrition because they are given too much all at once. It’s overwhelming and they simply walk away and give up on their goals. We are here to take the stress away and let you know, it is NOT as complicated as it sounds. Lets talk food and go over all of those confusing things we touched on at the beginning.

Overeating. This one is fairly self-explanatory. For the most part, we know if we are overeating. We notice a gain in body fat, body weight, clothing size, we feel lethargic, bloated, etc. These some of the normal signs that we are simply eating too much.

Undereating. This can easily begin from trying to correct overeating. If we reduce calories a little and it makes us lose a little weight, then if we reduce calories even more, it will work even faster, right? Not exactly. Your body needs fuel. It needs fuel for normal daily function, then it needs more for exercise. Undereating can make you feel weak, tired, forgetful and will stop your fitness progress in its tracks.

Keep the amount of meals and the timing fairly simple. Eat smaller meals 4-6 times a day, this usually means spacing them out every 3-4 hours. Make them consist of protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies.

Each individual has different nutritional needs but simply starting with getting the type of foods correct is the biggest step. Once the Covid restrictions continue to ease, we will be running regular nutrition seminars at PHF. If you are interested in more detailed nutrition info, watch our blog, Facebook or Instagram pages for upcoming seminars or simply stop in and see us!