I’ve always believed that fitness can transform physically and transcend mentally and emotionally. When my brother died, the barbell and high intensity workouts became my therapy, my positive means of mental escape. It allowed me to process, it pushed me, it helped me cope so I could eventually allow myself to start healing, not just in body but also in mind and spirit. It helped me to be better, to be MORE. It took a lot of time, patience, setbacks and tears but I eventually made it out on the other side of my grief.

My fitness journey actually goes back further than that but this one event in my life is what put me on the path that led me here to coach, leaving behind an 18 year tenure as a preschool/early childhood teacher. Talk about a pivot!

This experience helped my training reach new heights and propelled me to do things I never thought I was strong enough to do. It woke me up and made me think about what I REALLY wanted to do, where my true passion lies. My true passion is helping others become their strongest and healthiest selves. I want to be a positive, energetic, reliable and relatable influence. My mission and drive is to give people a great hour because I know from personal experience, that one hour out of the day can be all it takes to go from darkness to light and it can elevate the soul in wonderful ways. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how ‘fit’ or strong you think you have to be or what you’re going through. All you have to do is choose to make yourself and your health a priority-show up, put in the work, and even meet some awesome people in the process. Once that happens, there’s nothing left to do but to sit back and enjoy the transformation!