What Our Gym Offers


Priority ME

Priority ME (formerly Cycle 1.0) is the program upon which PHF was built. Priority ME is an 8 week program where the client is dedicated to a team of other clients and a specific coach or set of coaches. This program focuses on changing nutrition habits to become permanent and learning exercise from the ground up. This program is perfect for the true beginner, someone who has been out of working out for a while or someone who simply finds themselves at a plateau and needs a change. The workouts are challenging and are tiered to the different levels of fitness found on each team. This program has literally changed hundreds of lives. The Priority ME membership includes all classes listed on the schedule in addition to the specific Priority ME classes the client agrees to.


Priority Fit

Priority Fit is all about conditioning! Get in and get sweaty for a solid 45 minutes of high intensity conditioning! This class is open to every member and is a perfect add-on to your program classes!


Priority Strength and Conditioning

Priority Strength and Conditioning is a program that mixes fat loss and strength gain by utilizing full body movements and unique exercises and equipment. Get ready to flip tires, push sleds, pull cars, carry yokes and push your body to a new limit!


Specialty Classes

MooreButts Less Guts, MooreBarre and MooreCycle! If you need to change things up and try and totally different type of class, these are it! These exciting classes are usually on a waitlist so book in advance!


Youth Strength and Conditioning

This program is for teens! Developing strength from the inside out is essential and we start our program at 12 years old. Teens are taught strength training, cardiovascular training, nutrition basics, olympic lifting, speed and agility, athletic training, sports specific stretching and the importance of continuing fitness throughout their lives.


PHF Powerlifting

The basis of all fitness is the Barbell. It is where it all started and it is still the most useful tool to get in shape and get stronger. PHF Powerlifitng teaches barbell movements from the ground up and progresses class by class by percentages to make the client stronger and more confident. Everyone knows weight training burns more calories than cardio but building strength is what this class is all about.


PHF Hybrid

The newest program from Priority Health and Fitness! PHF Hybrid combines all of the cardio work from Priority ME and Priority X and all the barbell work from PHF Barbell to create Hybrid. Expect to learn barbell work, strongman work, cross-training, explosive movement and nutrition in an effort to give you your best possible physique. Hybrid is intense and progresses from class to class, similar to PHF Powerlifting.


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