Chiccy Nuggies

chiccy nuggies
• Coconut Flour
• Ground Chicken
• 1 Egg
• Spices of your choice
• Coconut Oil Spray or Spray of your Choice
1. Pour desired amount of Coconut Flour into a bowl with your choice of seasonings. For example, Flavor God: Spicy Everything
2. Whisk 1 Egg in a separate bowl
3. Ball up desired amount of Ground Chicken, dip into Coconut Flour, dip into egg, and back into Coconut Flour
4. Place on pan with coconut oil spray and cook until brown

PHF – A Story of Success

There is no better way to describe PHF and the incredible members of the MooreMuscle Barbell Club other than, A Story of Success.

Most of the Barbell Club is made up of members of PHF who came off the couch in the last couple years and decided they needed to lose some weight or get in better shape. PHF is great at that. Actually, PHF has won awards for that.

They started off not knowing how to do an unweighted squat, not being able to pick up a barbell or even jump onto the smallest plyo box. As time went on, they started to catch on to the basic exercises, started to thrive by using weights and resistance, and found confidence through the feel of a barbell in their palms. That passion to learn and progress evolved into a small group who call themselves the MooreMuscle Barbell Club, named after the MooreMuscle Supplement company.

The diversity of PHF and its coaches enabled members to not only achieve their goal of weight-loss, but now they could also choose to follow their passion for strength. PHF Hybrid and PHF Barbell Classes were formed.

Continuing in their desire to learn and become stronger, the members of Barbell Club found new ways to push, new ways to motivate each other and finally, a way to test what they had learned.

Last weekend, the MooreMuscle Barbell Club competed in its first ever USA Powerlifting Meet and to say that it was a success would be a gross understatement. Medals were won, experience was gained and friendships were forged.

PHF can only be described as A Story of Success. Its members support each other. If it is losing 100lbs, gaining back health or winning medals in a national powerlifting association, there is no equal to the members at PHF. Six years ago, Brandon and Sheri formed PHF in their living room and the success has been nothing short of incredible.

Veggies for Muscle!

If you exercise regularly, it’s important to know that what you eat can have an effect on your exercise performance and results. Eating a wide variety of foods—especially fruits and vegetables—will positively affect your endurance and stamina when exercising and during your everyday activities.

One of the major benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is found in the number of micronutrients they provide. The micronutrient content of fruits and vegetables plays an important role in maintaining health and optimizing exercise performance, energy production and tissue recovery during cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. Certain nutrients can’t be produced by the body, so it’s essential to consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to deliver these nutrients, which in turn support your regular physical activity.

If you’re not taking in enough fruits and vegetables, muscle damage, decreased muscle strength, impaired immune function and symptoms of fatigue have been shown to develop—all of which can be detrimental to your training, recovery and overall fitness.

Physical activity and eating a balanced diet go hand-in-hand for a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown regular physical activity helps you lose weight and keep it off. Not only does regular physical activity burn calories, it also regulates your appetite, boosts your metabolism and reduces stress. Eating multiple servings of fruits and vegetables each day will help improve your performance and help you feel and look better.