Constantly working to improve …

Like our amazing clients, we are constantly trying to improve PHF! We try to improve our coaching, the classes we offer, our communication and in this case, our equipment!

We are excited to have just added the Rogue Fitness Bench Press to our facility! We have so many incredible clients we are becoming stronger and stronger in our Hybrid and Barbell Programs that we needed a proper piece of equipment for bench press.

While our cages are a great starting point, our clients needed proper bar position, spotter stands and proper height from the floor for safety in their ever improving weights.

Proper positioning helps the lifter safely complete the movement by removing as much extra stress from the shoulder joints as possible and allowing full leg drive through the positive. This creates a stronger and safer environment for the lifter as they continue to progress.

Lift heavy. Get strong. Get lean. Reach your goals.

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